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2016-08-27 11:51:10 Vincent Paul Humidifiers
Hunter Humidifier

Hunter Humidifier – Your Dynamic And Powerful Indoor Humidifier

Hunter HumidifierIt is a scientifically proven fact that when an environment is dry you become restless which causes sleep disorders. Thus, when you feel disturbed there might be a need for ahumidifier that you can trust. A humidifier adds moisture in your household. The proper amount of moisture enables people to breathe easier. In terms of health, the right amount of moisture can be a good help to treat sinus problems. To solve this indoor issue, a Hunter humidifier is needed. Hunter humidifier makes breathing comfortable and it can give you other benefits such as making your skin smooth and silky.

The Hunter humidifier called as the Hunter Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier with model number 367-497 helps your home become hydrated though the air might be cold during winter. With a Hunter humidifier, you can pamper yourself with the convenience of a fresh and clean air. The Hunter humidifier with an evaporative cool mist has the following power features. Read and see how innovative and technologically advanced this product is.

The Power Features of a Hunter Evaporative Humidifier

The Hunter Evaporative Humidifier has two variable speeds that can be used day and night, it has a balance tote away tank that is easy to carry anywhere you go. A Hunter Evaporative Humidifier has an approximate output capacity of 2 gallons per day, with an amazing running time of approximately 12 hours. In addition, it has a replaceable paper wick that depends on the frequency of usage. The Hunter Air Humidifier is equipped with a dishwasher safe pan and tank that is so easy to clean.

As far as its product dimension is concerned, the Hunter Evaporative Humidifier measures 11”x 8 x10 1/2 deep. It can reach as far as 495 square feet.

In terms of warranty, this model of a Hunter humidifier has a warranty period of 5 years. Usually, the body of a Hunter Evaporative Humidifier is made of plastic.

Overall, the Hunter humidifier is versatile, dynamic and efficient in performance to deliver the best indoor air quality for every residential and industrial setting. Therefore, the Hunter humidifier is undoubtedly highly recommended.


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