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2016-08-27 11:50:35 Vincent Paul Humidifiers
Holmes Humidifier

Germ Buster Holmes Humidifier

Holmes HumidifierYour body needs moisture to function normally. However, if the ventilation in your home is not given much attention then physical problems might occur. As you are deprived of a dry air, your lungs will suffer the most. To prevent this, you need an air humidifier to provide you comfort and a clean respectively. One of the trusted names in humidifiers is the Holmes humidifier. Holmes humidifiers come in different types to suit the various preferences of users. They usually offer the warm and cool mists types of humidifiers. Whatever you choose, Holmes humidifiers do not fail to fulfill of unparalleled product quality.

A Holmes humidifier has a reusable and sturdy humidifier filters. Their so-called life-long Holmes humidifier filters uses the state of the art air filtration technology. A Holmes humidifier has been innovatively designed to be user-friendly. This quality is present in their gadget’s feature. For instance, their Cool Mist humidifier has a filter check feature. This monitors the filter condition of the humidifier.

Furthermore, a Cool Mist humidifier made by Holmes humidifying systems has a Microban Anti-Microbial Product Protection. A particular product feature of a Holmes humidifier that prevents the growth of bacteria, molds and mildew. The Anti-Microbial Protection is built within the filter of a Holmes humidifier.

One of the famous models of Holmes humidifiers is the Holmes humidifier HM 495-UC 2.8 Gallon Humidifier. Here are the key features of this humidifier. Read on and see the difference yourself.

Holmes Humidifier Features

It has an overall tank size of 2.8 gallons, a tank run time of 24 hours and operates quietly when in use. The weight of the unit is 2.8 lbs. which is ideal for medium-sized rooms. This Holmes humidifier is filterless for your utmost convenience.

The Holmes humidifier is the most convenient and versatile humidifier ever created. Due to its Anti–Microbial powerful capacity, the Holmes humidifier is highly recommended for industrial use.


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