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2016-08-27 11:51:57 Vincent Paul Humidifiers
Crane Humidifier

Crane Humidifier – Aesthetic Excellence with Unmatched Functionality and Efficiency

Crane HumidifierThe Crane Company is founded on the principle that a product design is based on attitude whereas a home is an expression of your lifestyle. This philosophy of Crane has built for them a legacy of quality humidifier that is functional, efficient and most of all, an aesthetic expression of good design. The Crane humidifier has a unique and innovative figure that does not surpass the quality of Crane humidifiers. In other words, the designs of the Crane humidifying products act only as enhancers to make their line of humidifiers more appealing to their customers across the globe. Mostly, the designs of their very efficient and functional humidifiers are animal-shaped just like their line of cool mist humidifier.

In addition, the animated designs of their humidifiers are very attractive especially those units that have Hello Kitty and Thomas Train cartoon characters. Through this creative manner, children at a very young age will know the importance of a cleaner and fresher air.

Crane Humidifier Product Overview

An interesting model of a Crane air humidifier is called the Crane Penguin Cool Mist humidifier. It helps and provides children with effective relief from colds and nasal congestion. The adorable and cute Crane Penguin Cool Mist model also provides comfort to toddlers who have an itchy skin and chapped lips. In addition to this, the silent capability of this Crane humidifier will not disturb you or your kids while sleeping.

The best thing about Crane Penguin Cool Mist Crane humidifier is its efficiency as it only consumes less power. Furthermore, it can give your home 11 hours of moisturizing power coming from the detachable 1-gallon tank. Another fantastic feature of this Crane humidifier are the auto-shut off mechanism whenever the tank reaches its maximum level. As far as its moisture output is concerned, it can give you up to 2.2 gallons per day. The Crane Penguin Cool Mist Crane humidifier has an automatic humidity control with an automatic restart mechanism. Ideally, it can be used in a room size of 300 to 500 square feet.

The Crane humidifier is highly recommended for those children with respiratory problems. They are not only aesthetic and functional but provide enormous health benefits to toddlers and to those that are young at heart.


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