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Aprilaire Air Purifier Product Review

Things You Need to Know About Aprilaire

aprilaire-logoAprilaire has set the highest standards in designing, creating, and providing of home air purifiers to everyone. This brand has been in the field of air purification for a very long time now and because of this, you expect it to provide expert-made air purifiers to make your home more comfortable and safer to live in. Air is extremely important and without it we will cease to exist. Aprilaire understands the importance of air to us that is why it gives us the capability to purify it and cleanse it out from harmful air contaminants. Aside from air purifiers, Aprilaire also excels in the field of air humidifier manufacture. Website

Aprilaire air purifiers offer a lot of advantages when installed inside your home. It provides great air purifying performance, improves home living conditions, reliable air filtering system, and requires less maintenance compared with other brands of room air purifiers. You should choose among the different models offered by this brand according to what is suitable for your home. You can use various information such as size of your home, type of HVAC system, and budget in choosing the perfect air purifier model for you.

Furthermore, Aprilaire offers a lot of features that you can put to good use inside your home. Here are some of them.

The Features Offered By Aprilaire Air Purifier

Choosing Aprilaire for your home purifier will give you the following set of features to make good use of. If you want yourself and your family to be completely protected, here are some features that will lead you into choosing Aprilaire air purifiers.

  1. This brand has been tested and proven to remove almost 95% of air particulates which can trigger your allergies or can even bring you with airborne diseases. If you want to avoid intensifying your allergies or catching any of these dreaded diseases, you must immediately install this air purifier at home.
  2. It is highly-efficient air purifier which has the ability to filter air particulates at an efficiency of 70%. Due to its efficient air filtering mechanism, it has the ability to trap and filter air particulates as small as 0.35 microns.
  3. The Aprilaire air purifying system requires seldom maintenance and changing of parts to make it work at best once again. The air filter can be changed only once in a year which provides you with better convenience and purifying power.
  4. Aprilaire air purifiers ranked as one of the best in the field of air cleaning and purification. It was found to remove more than 90% of air particultes whose size is larger than 0.35 microns. Thus, you can be sure that it can remove solid particulates that makes you have allergic reactions.

Aprilaire – Dry Air Can Harm Your Health and Home

Say goodbye to static shock, costly home repairs and poor health caused by dry air with Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers. Dry air causes and enhances health problems like dry skin, runny and bloody noses, and even the transmission of illnesses. It also takes a toll on your home’s floors, windows and furniture. Properly humidified air alleviates the discomfort and helps homeowners avoid costly repairs. Contact an Aprilaire professional and you’ll be on your way to better health and a happier home in no time.