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Air Air Purifiers

Purifying the Air Air Purifier

How to Purify the Air Air Purifier Types

Air Air PurifiersIf you want to purify the air air purifier is the device that you need to do this work. The air purifier filters the particulates suspended in the air to protect you from having allergic reactions or catching airborne diseases. People who are highly susceptible to allergens find purifying the air air purifier very helpful to manage and control their health condition. Home air purifiers and commercial purifiers come in two installation types such as portable units and fixed stand-alone units.

Portable air purifiers are small, light, and movable. You can carry them around the house and use them at any place you need them. Portable air purifiers are commonly battery-powered. There are some portable air purifiers that you can plug in the power source using a USB port or a car power source port. Portable air purifiers are perfect for personal use. People who suffer from airborne allergies are recommended to bring their own air purifier with them always.

Fixed air purifiers can be embedded in the air-conditioning system of a specific establishment. These are oftentimes large in size and they are commonly used to increase Indoor Air Quality of the closed structure.

Clean Air, Air Purifier Techniques

Different techniques are used to purify the air. Air purifier has different mechanisms within it that perform specific tasks of filtering and cleaning out the air from harmful particulates. The different techniques they use provide varying degree of efficiency and effectiveness. Here are a few techniques commonly used in air purification.

1. Filtering – This technique is the most commonly used in air purification. This uses different kinds of air filters to sift out clean air and remove the particulates in the air stream. In choosing air purifiers that use this technique, go for the ones with HEPA air filters. This type of filter provides higher efficiency and effectiveness in filtering harmful air contaminants.

2. Activated Carbon – This material adsorbs chemicals and transform them from gas phase to solid phase to make it easier to remove the contaminants. Though other elements can be used to adsorb chemical contaminants, activated carbon is the cheapest material that can be used for safe removal of air contaminants. This material is commonly used along with the filtering technique.

3. Ultraviolet (UV) Air Purification – This technique uses UV lamps to trap air contaminants even those bacterial or viral in nature. Ambient air stream that passes through UV rays is sterilized where microbes and germs are filtered out. UV air purification is effective for microbial air filtration.

4. Ionic Air Purification – This technique uses charged ions in purifying the air. Air purifier which has this mechanism contains built-in chargeable plates to collect airborne contaminants. The drawback of using an ionic air purifier produces end-products in the form of ozone and oxidants.

These air purification techniques doesn’t need to be used alone. For increased efficiency and effectiveness, you can use these techniques in conjunction with other techniques. For example, you can use activated carbon and filtering. Air stream passes an area containing activated carbon to transform all contaminants into solid phase which makes them easier to remove when these contaminants pass through a HEPA filter.


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