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2016-08-27 10:15:20 Vincent Paul Air Purifiers
Air Air Cleaner Purifier

Clean the Air Air Cleaner Purifier to the Rescue

From Honeywell to Ionic Air air cleaner purifier, you have a wide range of choices in terms of home air purifiers. Thus, there is no reason why you should not get one for your home. To clean the air, air cleaner purifier can provide you with all the help and service you need to ensure that your home is free from indoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution is usually caused by allergens like dust, pollens, and molds that get dispersed in the air. It can also be caused by viruses and germs that spread through the air stream. Using a device like an Ionic Air air cleaner purifier, you can be able to completely eradicate this dreaded air particulates.

Look for a cheap air purifier sale so that you can get the most in the air machine that provide you with cleaner and fresher air at home.

Air Air Cleaner Purifier

Healthy Air, Air Cleaner Purifier Technology

There are air purification systems and technologies that are highly innovative which can help in efficient removal of all contaminants in the air. Here are a few that you can take note and consider when buying an air purifier.

1. HEPA filtration technology – HEPA air filters are the most efficient air purifying filters there is. They can remove up to 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns in size. Thus, dust particles, mold spores, pollens, and pet hairs can never escape air purifiers using this technology.

2. Ionic filtration technology – Brands like Ionic Air air cleaner purifier use ionic filtration technology in removing air contaminants. This technology uses electricity to produced charged particles such negative and positive ions that will act as the binding agent in removing harmful air particulates. These ions will bind themselves with these particulates and will search for a neutral plate such as a metal plate or the walls of the room to stick into. The particulates removed by these ions will be cleaned up through sweeping or vacuum cleaning.

3. Ultraviolet filtration technology – This technology is able to kill germs and other biological air contaminants when the air stream passes under the UV bulb. This is usually used in medical facilities where the immediate spread of disease is highly like and needs to be prevented.



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